Monday, February 13, 2006

Vegan Food on the Road

Since food is so important to me I decided our restaurant visits deserve their own entry. We have had so many chances to talk to awesome people at the restaurants we have visited and the food has been great.

Lynchburg, VA:
We drove from Norfolk to Lynchburg and before going to rest at our hotel, we enjoyed dinner at Ruby Tuesdays. Lindsay had the massive salad bar and I had a veggie burger with broccoli. Our vegan food options while on the road looked good after this stop.

Salem, VA:
We felt great about our first day of demonstrating and decided to relax for a bit. We went to Denny's to warm up with a cup of joe and use their wireless. The servers were extra sweet, they checked to see if the internet was working and refilled our coffee frequently. The restaurant was so cozy we decided to stick around for dinner. We each ordered their Boca burger and it came with a generous portion of grapes.
I am thrilled to be eating so well. I was convinced that eating at places like Denny's meant eating lots of french fries and salad. I was definitely wrong. On the menu they offered to substitute a fruit or vegetable for the usual fries, making for a much healthier and agreeable meal.
While we dined and worked at our laptops, the people at the next booth were getting curious about us. We were going over photos of the demos and our excitement over the burger and grapes resulted in a picture of our meal. For that, I don't blame them for eavesdropping. Especially since they saw our bikini demo on the news.
We had a long conversation that covered factory farming, health issues, spay/neuter and horse racing. Lindsay and I could relate to this family, who lost a relative to cancer that morning. With all the possibly heated topics discussed, we had very friendly interaction. These conversations are my favorite part of activism because I learn from people while sharing my perspective.

Mobile, AL:
For Valentine's Day we hit a small restaurant called Bandito Burrito. We each had a massive burrito filled with beans and grilled veggies. The owner came over to offer us heart shaped sugar cookies that we had to decline. He said he didn't get to reading the ingredients because he was too busy eating the cookies. The atmosphere was very family oriented and the servers were sweet.

Montgomery, AL:
We hung out in Montgomery in order to have dinner with one of Lindsay's college friends. We met up at El Rey Burrito, a very cute restaurant downtown, for a remarkable meal. Lindsay had a tempeh fajita and I had a portabello mushroom "platos" that came with a sweet potato, chile verde, beans, rice, salsa, guacamole and pineapple. I loved the variety of flavors and found it very filling.

Bowling Green, KY:
We have passed many a Moe's on our trip but we finally stopped in. Talk about a mammoth burrito! I had mine with black beans, rice, tofu, grilled veg, guacamole, onions and cilantro. It was too big to finish so now I have a midnight snack!


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