Monday, February 13, 2006

Salem, VA: KFC Closes Early

I was less anxious to rip my coat off at this location because the winds were even stronger and the temperature was around 38 degrees. I did my bikini duty for the first half and Lindsay took the second half, proving that we are quite a dynamic duo.

The press was there in full force at 2:30 sharp. The Salem Times Register and The Roanoke Times each sent a reporter with a camera. Two gentleman from WDBJ CBS 7 were there to interview Lindsay and film us. Lindsay also gave a phone interview to a reporter from The Collegiate Times of Virginia Poly Tech Institute.

About fifteen minutes after we started a young man named Sean spontaneously joined us. He said that if we would stand in the cold so scantily clad the least he could do is join us. He used to work at KFC but he quit and doesn't work in fast food anymore because he loves animals.

There were many people who stopped to ask us why they should boycott KFC. One young man I spoke to seemed surprised that I could give him such a straight answer. He stopped to hassle me for being in a bikini in the cold for a cause he deemed unworthy. He left with a DVD and a thirst for more information.

One kind lady approached me to take a DVD and said she respected me for standing up for what I believe in.

After our demo, we tried to drive thru to give the workers some information. No one came to the window, so we went to the door. To our surprise, it was locked. Funny they would close up shop on account of two ladies in bikinis. Especially since the manager told one reporter they do better business when we demonstrate.


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