Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Knoxsville, TN: KFC Employee Expresses Support

Today we celebrate Valentine's Day by demonstrating in red lingerie. We had the support of three local activists who have been holding down the Boycott KFC campaign in Knoxsville. They were eager to join us and and are very dedicated to the campaign.
The police were circling constantly and at one point four cars were parked in the KFC lot. The four officers were just hanging out watching us for at least 20 minutes.

One KFC employee, Lynna, came out to take a DVD and express her support for us. She said we were very cute and took a Polaroid. Three men from the Knoxville Fire Department stopped by to take DVDs and and get a picture with us.

Most people who went into the KFC got leaflets and DVDs. Many people left after looking at the leaflet. One guy pulled right back out saying he "loved chicken but couldn't think of eating it now". One woman said she had promised her boyfriend KFC for lunch and had to buy it for him. She assured us that it would be her last visit to the restaurant.

A couple young men spoke to Lindsay for a bit and after hearing the news one turned to the other and said, "Want to go get some fish?"


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