Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Huntsville, AL: MySpace Brings out Activists

We woke early to get a permit for this demonstration. Lindsay had been pursing it for a month but we ended up having to go to down to the station. Lindsay went in to sign the paperwork and Kitty, the receptionist, said she had checked out the website and was disgusted by what she saw.

MySpace brought out two local activists, for one it was his first demo. A bit later another young man showed up. It was his first demo as well and he was really excited. He had been teaching in the community and wanted a DVD to take back to class. I love seeing people get as psyched about activism as I do.

The KFC was pretty busy but people stopped to speak to us. Around here many people have worked in the plants where they slaughter the birds. A couple ladies came to speak to me and agreed that the way they breed and drug the birds isn't good for chickens or humans. Although they felt it was unhealthy, they still went in to eat.

When we wrapped up the demo and walked to the car with our new activist friends, the police showed up. They wanted to check the permit, which was nice seeming as it took a lot of effort to get. The demo was over though, so it was a bit late. The police reacted humorously to the bikinis in Huntsville, but that wasn't the case at our next stop.


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