Thursday, February 16, 2006

Columbus, GA: Counter Demonstrators?

We arrived at the KFC in Columbus a half hour early to find Rock 103 already set up on our turf. They had pulled their giant Hummer right up in front of the restaurant and set up a table. They were chomping on some fried chicken's legs and had a chicken statue in a KFC bucket. One of them was wearing a hat that resembled a chicken. I dare call them counter demonstrators but they were more using us to draw attention to themselves.

Either way it was bikinis versus morons. We turned more people away then they turned on. One of them was running up to the cars I was leafletting and offering a free piece of chicken. Although they said they were neutral, they were giving away CD's to anyone who bought something from the restaurant. They also were saying that they saw the footage on and thought it was terrible. It became more and more obvious they just wanted to do their radio show while watching women in bikinis. They didn't even allow Lindsay to comment on air.

I felt sorry for the poor guys. They were smoking cigarettes and eating KFC. They obviously did not care about their health, making informed decisions for themselves or encouraging the public to create positive change.


Blogger BlueButterfly said...

Well that sucks. But at least you were there!

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