Thursday, February 16, 2006

Montgomery, AL: School Kids Join Us

Every press release we send says we will be in a bikini and earmuffs but it is starting to feel like summer. The sun was pounding down as we prepared to demo in front of the KFC in Montgomery. We decided that I would toss the earmuffs and boots and wear my silver heels.

The police didn't stop by for this demo but we could tell they were spreading the word over their radios. Every patrol car in the city must of driven by at least once.

A KFC employee, Jimmie, came out to see what why we there. I gave him a DVD and answered his questions. It seemed as if his coworkers sent him out because as he walked back into the restaurant there were a few people waiting for him.

Some school children walking by decided to protest with us for a while. One girl remarked that her mom was bringing KFC home for dinner and she wasn't going to eat it after seeing our signs. Lindsay tried to speak to three curious children and realized they spoke Spanish. Luckily, she can speak Spanish and we had Spanish leaflets in the car.

As we drove off, we passed Robert E. Lee High School where students were waiting for rides. It was so close to the KFC we decided to park and hand out leaflets and stickers. The students were very receptive and we handed out about 50 leaflets.


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