Thursday, February 16, 2006

Jacksonville, AL: Police Find Bikinis Objectionable to Public

Lindsay had no expectations for press in Jacksonville so we were pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome from the local media. Radio stations came out, print media sent photographers and Jacksonville State University sent out their video crew.

The employees of surrounding fast food restaurants were very curious about our protest and came out to get some information.

We were happy the cameras were rolling when the police showed up because they weren't as keen on our display. Officer DeShon and three other officers pulled up to ask us to put on "appropriate attire". Lindsay inquired as to what he meant by that. He explained that our bikinis were objectionable to the public and that if we didn't change he would be forced to arrest us.

Lindsay agreed that we would put on something more. I remained in place with my sign, waving to the people passing. She slowly gathered our coats and walked over to the people from the media to explain what was happening. Eventually she came back over and handed me my coat. We finished the demo with our winter coats on. Boy, it was warm. I wished the police in Lynchburg or Salem would have made such a request. Down in Alabama the weather is nice enough for these bikinis.


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