Friday, February 17, 2006

Mobile, AL: Running Through the Sprinklers

We had high hopes that some activists would join us but nobody came. That is okay though, we brought the ruckus like we always do. This location was a combination Taco Bell/ KFC so it had a lot of traffic. The businesses across the street had people hanging out in front watching us. Some of them came over to chat and grab a DVD.

One couple parked in the KFC lot and came right over to talk to us. It seemed as if they had heard that we were going to be protesting. The lady said she didn't want to hear it because she loves fried chicken. The gentleman stopped to talk about what he had seen on the website. He felt that KFC firing the employees caught on tape stomping live animals should be sufficient in ending the cruelty. I encouraged him to look into the website further to see what standards we are asking KFC to adopt. He asked me if I had a sense of humor, to which I replied yes. He asked if his wife could have a picture with me while she held her KFC bag. I told him I would take the picture if he promised to watch the DVD and look at the website again. He said he would.

The best reactions were from the people driving by. A busload of children saw the scalded alive sign and screamed in repulsion. Many people wanted leaflets and some had definitely seen us on the news. I had a few cars yell, "Hey, I saw you on TV".

CBS 5 came out to cover our demo but left before the most hilarious part. About half way through the restaurant turned their sprinklers on. Obviously in response to us leafletting the cars coming into the drive. I just stood there while they sprayed me. After all, I was wearing a bikini.

A manager and another employee stood outside and watched us until we wrapped up. When we walked to our car across the street, the manager, Pam, came over to get our license plate number. She wanted to know who we were. Lindsay was happy to give her card since the license plate was on rental car. She was taking our presence very personally. We tried to tell her that it wasn't about her or her store. She said that anytime we stop dollars from going in her door then it is personal. Lindsay encouraged her to write a letter or call to voice her concern. She seemed unsatisfied but did expect that we would be back next year.

Lindsay wants to find activists to do first Saturday demos at this location.


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You should have told her that when KFC tortures and kills your friends, it's personal.

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