Saturday, February 18, 2006

Baton Rouge, LA: Tortured Chick Goes Into KFC

The heat wave was over I quickly realized as I took my long coat off to start the demo. A refreshing 30 some degrees really reminds me why I am wearing earmuffs.

We were joined by four area activists who had never demonstrated before. We had every picture sign out, making for a really impressive protest. They decided they would start doing first Saturday demos at this location.

This was another KFC/Taco Bell restaurant. I stood by the drive thru entrance to stop cars on their way in and out. I sent a few cars coming in away by leafletting and telling them about KFC's cruelty. The cars exiting were mostly eating Taco Bell so I was able to thank them for already joining the boycott.

No police came over to speak to us but we did see a few drive by. Since the restaurant employees didn't seem to mind our demo, Lindsay and I decided that I would go in and hand the workers leaflets and DVDs. The lady taking orders shot me a bewildered look and walked away. The manager quickly came and asked us to turn off our camera and leave. I left the information asking them politely to look it over and wished them a good day.


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