Monday, February 20, 2006

Jonesboro, AR: Stopping Traffic

The temperature was 28 when we rolled up to demonstrate. We picked up some extra gloves and hand warmers before going out. Lindsay and I agreed that we should do this one in shifts again, so I prepared for the first half hour.

On our way to set up, the property manager was already making a fuss. He was very clear about where his property began and where we could be. He stayed outside for our entire demo.

We attracted a large group of people who just stood on the hill above us and watched. Some of them ate chicken parts, some of them yelled and joked at us but most of them were just in awe that people were demonstrating. It must be a really new thing in this area.

A few young people came down from the hill to join us. One was recently fired from KFC and was telling us how disgusting the restaurant and their food is. Another mentioned that PETA's campaign for lobsters who are boiled alive really moved him. They protested with us until the property manager threatened to tow their cars.

All the attention slowed the traffic coming in and out of the strip mall so the police had to start directing the cars. The officers were very polite and even seemed a bit frustrated with the property manager because he was making so many requests.

As usual the camera phones and digital cameras were snapping all around. The media was there to capture everything, even a photographer from the Associated Press. I can't believe that wearing a bikini in the dead of winter helps move the message. The abuse of chickens is so prevalent, I am glad that we are able to draw such attention.

As usual one guy approached me to tear down our reason for demonstrating. When I explained Controlled Atmosphere Killing he knew that we had clear goals for KFC and he nodded in agreement.

Days like this are so inspiring. We spoke to so many people and gave them a reason to consider the chicken they are eating. I am so thankful to be on the road for this!


Blogger Jeff H said...

It's torture looking at that chick's flat chest.

5:55 PM  
Blogger Adam Durand said...

jeff h: You're insulting Nicole because she doesn't share your point of view and she's associated with an organization you despise. She deserves to hear rational arguments from you instead of rude and immature remarks. You should demand better from yourself.

9:25 AM  
Blogger Crow said...

Jeff H: You're insulting my friends and, so help me Mars, if I meet you in the flesh, you will have little remaining.

Adam: Thanks for standing up for my friends.

Ladies: Keep up the good work. I'll be sure to treat you both to a cup of coffee (or a vegan latte) when you return.

10:48 AM  
Blogger BlueButterfly said...

Way to go Nicole!

1:12 PM  
Blogger Julie said...

jeff h: Is Pam Anderson busty enough for you? Yeah? Well it turns out she's a spokesperson for the KFC Cruelty campaign. Guess you'll have to come up with something else nasty to say about her. Why not just say it upfront: "I love eating chicken corpses and I hate PETA."

Nicole - keep up the awesome work!

10:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that instead of coming up with something intelligent to say, you people defending Nicole resort to the same juvenile behaviour that Jeff H. used. How exactly is that being better than him? How is threatening and insulting him any better than his misguided comment?

While I am sure Nicole is a nice person and believes in what she is doing, I will go so far as to point out that she is a little naive if she thinks some of those guys in the pictures with her with the goofy smiles on their faces are absorbing her message rather than ogling her goodies.

The problem I have always had with a lot of PETA folks is the same ones I have with you here: you insult and demean those who do not have the same opinion as you. Unfortunately, in many people's eyes, that greatly diminishes the message you are trying to put forth.

While I paused to think about what you were saying about KFC, it quickly was replaced with the appalling gall that your organization had with respect to Steve Irwin and his family by basically spitting on the man's grave. How is spouting all that rhetoric, which amounted to a message of "serves him right", ever expected to sway people to listen to you?

I believe that you have a right to say what you are saying and to believe what you are believing. I do not agree with Nicole or Pam or any of the ladies using sex to get that point across. I also do not believe that either side has the right to insult, harass, assault (i.e. throwing paint, etc.) or demean the other side.

The Western world is supposed to be the height of democracy and fairness but we all do a piss-poor job of demonstrating that to the rest of the world. I hope PETA, and those of an opposing view, can do a better job of disagreeing with each other in a civilized world.


10:48 PM  

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