Monday, February 20, 2006

Little Rock, AR: Five Police Cars

Our demonstration was successful, we sent many people away and spread the word to many others. We were joined by three area activists, including one who had a very nice sign professionally made for the occasion. Meeting local activists is still my favorite part about the demos.

There wasn't much going on around Little Rock must of been because five police cars parked in a nearby lot. They were there for the majority of the demo and about ten minutes before we were to finish, they finally came out to say something. They mentioned us needing a permit and voiced concern about us stopping cars due to the icy roads.

We wrapped up as planned and I couldn't believe I did another hour and fifteen minutes in such cold weather. It was about 23 degrees but I toughed it out for the chickens. People really stop because of the bikini and are respectful of my willingness to stand in the cold for my beliefs.


Blogger Virgil said...

It was good to see you at the protests in Little Rock and Jonesboro and meet you. You were definitely a brave peson to stand out there in that cold, shivering in that bikini! Brrrrr!!!! Bravo to you for doing that for the chickens! :)

Did you know that the Arkansas Times has your picture on their weblog? It is located here, under the headline of "By popular demand: Fowl weather gear," complete with comments (anyone can comment there without even registering, btw - I did!):

Also, in case you did not just receive this link and story, you and I are both also featured here with the headline "Bikini-clad Yankee battles Colonel Sanders":

Keep up the great work! And be sure to keep in touch!

4:20 PM  

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