Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Memphis, TN: Met Former Rochestarian

The temperature slowly climbed from 38-41 degrees over the course of our hour demonstration and sun even peaked out. We were joined by a local activist, Vaughn, who has been doing first Saturday demonstrations at the KFC. He was very enthusiastic and I found out he is originally from Rochester.

Throughout the demonstration people were stopping to talk to us. Many who were going to eat at KFC were turned off. I am glad that people see this issue as simply as I do. This industry needs a wake up call, Americans are compassionate people. Even meat eaters agree the animals should be raised in clean conditions so their bodies don't have to be pumped with drugs and when they are slaughtered it should be quick and with as little pain as possible.

One lady rubbed her belly and said "yum, yum" as she entered the restaurant. I wished her a better meal than a tortured, defenseless animal who was kept alive through the use of pharmaceuticals. As consumers we can demand better of the wealthy corporations that serve us.


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